Book I Love!: "Roll" by Darcy Miller - Jennifer Fenn: YA Author
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04 Mar Book I Love!: “Roll” by Darcy Miller

rollDarcy Miller’s debut MG novel “Roll” is a refreshing take on some universal trials of early adolescence: identity, fitting in and friendships. Ren, Miller’s funny and very likable protagonist, meets Sutton, his new neighbor, one morning while he’s supposed to be out training for the cross country team. Sutton has a unique interest: pigeon rolling. Ren and Sutton strike up a friendship and Ren begins helping her train her birds. What will his best friend Aiden, who’s suddenly started hanging with the “cool kids” think? I’ve seen this book compared to the work of Jerry Spinelli (who is one of my all-time favorite young adult and middle grade authors), and that comparison is apt; at times “Roll” reminded me of “Star Girl.” “Roll” is a quick read, with tight pacing that will keep MG readers interested, and Miller provides Ren with a great voice; he’s equal parts smart, funny and sweetly naive. Sutton is also an interesting and enjoyable character. I was intrigued by the inclusion of pigeon rolling, and the book provided enough information about the hobby that I was able to catch on quickly, without bogging down the story in too much detail. This quirky, ‘clean’ book has a lot of heart! Recommended for MG readers!

“Roll” is available on May 23, 2017!

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